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Four steps of car audio modification


At present, most of the domestic car audio modifications are located in car accessories and car beauty decoration stores. The operators are small workers who lack audio experience and audio knowledge. They only use the brand and price of the equipment to publicize the car owners, so that the original Unfamiliar car owners mistakenly believe that this is what a car audio modification is all about. Some modified audios have not only failed to perform properly in terms of effects and equipment performance, but even damaged the electrical system of the original car, leaving car owners with potential safety hazards in the future. Many experts pointed out that the key to modifying car audio is to look at Whether effective debugging can be carried out, in many cases, effective debugging is more important than the brand. How to modify the car audio? Here are four steps to become a master of modification.

Step 1: Style and Budget Questions
The matching of car audio must cater to your own taste. And everyone likes different styles, plus the budget is limited. Budget is also a very important issue.

Step 2: The Bucket Principle

When the host (audio source), power amplifier, speakers and other equipment are matched with each other, in addition to the style issues mentioned above, I personally think that balance should also be emphasized - the bucket principle.

The third step: the selection method of the host (audio source)

The host is the sound source of the entire audio, and it is also a control center. The operation of the audio must be realized through the host. It is recommended to choose a host from five important aspects: sound quality, function, quality stability, price, and aesthetics.

Playing car audio, I think sound quality must be the first. If you do not pursue sound quality, then the necessity of modifying the sound is not great. Generally speaking, the mainframes of imported big brands have mature technology and sophisticated production technology, and the sound quality is better than that of domestic mainframes, such as Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion, Swans and so on. Note that the "imported brand" mentioned here does not necessarily mean that it is produced in the country where the trademark is registered. Many brands have already set up production bases in our country.

Step 4: Matching of speakers and amplifiers

The choice of speakers and power amplifiers should first pay attention to the style mentioned in point 1 above. The final style of a set of speakers is 50% determined by the speaker, 30% determined by the power amplifier, 15% determined by the pre-stage audio source (host or preamp), and 5% determined by the wire. Generally speaking, it is best to use the same style of power amplifier and speakers when collocating, otherwise the effect will be nondescript, and the equipment will be damaged.